Rethink Your Outdoor Space

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We are redefining beauty in the suburban landscape with a range of offerings to help you rethink your outdoor space.


Residential and commercial Landscape Design


Landscape Consultations help you strategize


Habitat Assessments reveal the unique habitat makeup of your property


Learn how to care for your new garden with Maintenance Trainings


Native plants for sun and shade


Let’s Break the Rules

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When you work with us, you’ll get more than a beautiful yard - you’ll improve the habitat you live in!


Most landscapers follow the conventional model: maintaining a green lawn and planting shrubs that are cheap, readily available, and rarely native. But we’re here to replant the landscape and do what’s best for your local ecosystem, and we’re not afraid to break the rules about what a yard is “supposed” to look like.


Rather than mowing the grass, we want to remove patches of lawn and replace it with native plants. And that means more natural beauty, fewer toxic chemicals, and less time spent mowing the lawn on a Saturday afternoon!


Hello Butterflies

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Get ready to welcome butterflies and bumblebees!


When native plants replace lawn, we are redefining the appearance and function of a beautiful yard. On the face of it, a native plant garden looks a lot like any other garden. Flowers, colors, big and small stalks. But here’s the difference: in that native plant garden is a world of activity - of local habitat for birds, bees and butterflies, of synchronicity with the ecosystem. Not an invasive fight for space but an interplay of plants that live in harmony with each other.

It’s a beautiful yard that cares for nature.

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