Our mission is to bring back habitat to suburban yards and open spaces. One third of all U.S. species are at risk of extinction and habitat clearing and degradation is the leading cause of species decline. We want to turnaround habitat loss by creating a new American landscape that supports nature. 

Plant and animal life in the suburbs are PLAN it WILD's target market. Getting people outside in their own habitat garden and feeling connected to their own mini natural world is our marketing strategy. We have a high return on investment as the value of habitat continues to appreciate as it grows in. PLAN it WILD is a mission-based business that wants to become the market leader in habitat gardening and transform America’s lawns and open spaces into biodiverse natural areas – first locally, and then nationally.

Our goal:


To move our neighborhoods

From this,


To this.


PLAN it WILD was conceived by landscape architect Amanda Bayley and supported by her cofounder Jeffrey Rothfeder with the intent to bring back biodiversity to the suburban landscape. 


Amanda Bayley

Co-Founder, Landscape Architect (CT)

  • Over ten years designing natural areas in NYC and suburbs working for NYC Parks, the Natural Areas Conservancy, an ecological engineering firm, and a diversity of residential design/build firms

  • Serves on the Cortlandt Advisory Council

  • Connecticut licensed landscape architect

  • Columbia University Earth Institute certification


Jeffrey Rothfeder

Co-Founder, Award-Winning Business Journalist

  • Veteran, award-winning business journalist

  • Author of eight books and has written hundreds of articles on business strategy, startups, the environment and technology

  • Works on town development and landscape design as a member of the Cortlandt Planning Board


Be a Do-It-Yourself habitat gardener or let us create a garden for you:


Photo Credit: Daniel Watson.