For Small-Sized Gardens that are ~500 square feet or less, sign up for PLAN it WILD’s Plug & Play!

Want a native plant garden in your yard and not sure where to start, what plants to select, and where to get them? Then PLAN it WILD’s Plug and Play program is for you. Here’s how it works - A PLAN it WILD designer will meet with you and figure out the best location on your property to replace an area of lawn or an existing, cleared planting bed with an area of native plants (500 square feet or less). Our native plant designer will figure out which native plants to plant, order the plug plants (plugs are small baby plants) for you from PLAN it WILD, and schedule a planting day and plant the native plant garden for you! You will just need to water and care for your new garden after it’s planted.

Sign up for an appointment here and be sure to select Plug & Play for the appointment type.

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What Are Plugs? For the Plug and Play program, we only design and plant with plugs. Plugs are baby native plants and can fit in the palm of your hand. The smaller plug plants are easier to plant, end up growing in healthier as they can better adapt to the soil, and grow and fill-in a garden quickly.

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How Does the Program Work?

Step 1 – Initial Site Visit: A PLAN it WILD native plant designer meets with you to understand your tastes and preferences and to choose and measure out a location for your new native plant garden (each planting project must 500 square feet or less).

Step 2 – Proposal Acceptance: After the site visit, the designer sends you a cost proposal to design and plant the native plant garden. A half deposit is due for the designer to get started. The remainder is due after the garden is planted.

Step 3 – Design Plan: The designer creates a customized design plan for your new garden, including the location and species selection for all native plug plants proposed. You review the plan, provide any feedback, and approve plan as final.

Step 4 – Planting Day Scheduled: Upon your acceptance of design plan as final, the designer sources all plantings and schedules a day for planting. You do not need to be home on planting day. But plan for watering the new garden for at least 2-4 weeks after the planting is completed to ensure plant survival.

Step 5 – Planting Day: Planting day is here! The designer will plant all the plants as per the final design plan. There should be a hose and/or readily available source of water adjacent to the new garden so designer can water the plants right after planting. The garden will need to be watered daily by you for at least two weeks after planting. Waa-lah, you have a native plant garden to enjoy! You can always sign up for another Plug and Play garden and keep adding natives to your yard, one area at a time.