Habitat gardening is not working with pristine, untouched nature, but with the nature all around us within our developed landscapes.


This includes our yards, playgrounds, business parks, vacant patches of land, and patches of open space within our communities.

Habitat loss and degradation is the leading cause of species decline in the U.S. Given that so much of the American landscape is covered with lawn (40 million acres to be exact), we see this as an untapped resource of open space to re-create that lost habitat. We want to replace the 40 million acres of lawn with 40 million acres of habitat gardens. 

The habitat garden is not the conventional garden of constant upkeep, such as fertilizing, pruning, and re-mulching, but a sustainable, less resource intensive garden that is more hands-off. It will require some weeding and watering, especially after it’s first planted, but the habitat garden is more self-sufficient, and is designed to mimic nature’s natural processes until it eventually takes off on its own. 

Plant a habitat garden today, make a small change and have a big impact. We have kits to make that easy or can design a garden for you. If you want to get inspired first, why not go see some habitat on your own and take a walk in one of the nature preserves or parks around your neighborhood? We have a free map of our favorite local natural areas in Westchester County, NY


Plant a habitat garden, watch the plants grow in, enjoy the bees and butterflies that come visit, and know that you are taking a big step towards helping the environment.