Sarah's Garden: Concept Plan

After reviewing the habitat assessment and performing a site analysis, drawing up an existing conditions plan, and meeting with Sarah to understand her family’s programming needs, Amanda drafted the phased concept plan below for Sarah’s property. The concept plan includes a native flowering bird tree garden, outdoor living room, native foundation plantings, invasive species removal, goatscaping, replacing sections of the lawn with meadow, habitat restoration throughout, and siting of bee hives!

Phase 1: Restore vital wetland habitat.
Phase 2: Restore oak-tulip forest and create outdoor living room.
Phase 3: Re-habitat front yard including bird tree allee.
Phase 4: Continue oak-tulip forest restoration.
Phase 5: Continue wetland habitat restoration.
Phase 6: Restore red-maple hardwood swamp and build low-impact cottage.

Dale Concept Plan_June 20.jpg
Amanda Bayley